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Foundry Solutions

For Casting Metal Components


We´re presently working with Portuguese located iron and steel foundries and giving consultancy support to customers in Spain, Germany and UK.

Participation in Component Design / Product Development Stages

Although foundry staff don´t usually participate in the conception / design / product development with Customer Teams, their intervention would ensure the prevention of some foundry related issues at early stages, avoiding problems for all involved in the future. On the other hand, from our experience, foundry experts may suggest changes to drawings that result in the avoidance of, for example, cores, or other facets of the foundry process, leading to a reduction in the casting cost.
Suggestions for changes may also be related to the specific characteristics of the elected foundry processes.


Foundry profile - analysis of choice and adequacy

We´re presently working with several iron and steel foundries. Considering quality requirements, casting size, casting weight, quantities and competitiveness required, we assist the customer in finding the most adequate foundry.


Trial and prototype

Among our activites, we may also offer technical assistance and reporting during prototype trials and industrial products launching stages, acting on behalf of the customer with the foundry.


Continuous Production

Whenever necessary and / or requested, we assist and participate in production sessions, monitoring the established critical parameters of production processes.


Re-engineering / Quality and Non-conformance issues

Whenever necessary and / or requested, considering the existence of eventual product non-conformities, we assist in the analysis of production processes, pursuing root causes and reporting customer and foundry suggestions to overcome the problems.